“Trust.” That’s the number one word we hear from clients who allow us to help them negotiate the sometimes tricky waters of buying a home. We form a warm and friendly relationship with each of them, based on trust. They rely on us to help them find the perfect home, neighborhood and price, whether they are first-time buyers or seasoned investors. When choosing Cherie Miller & Associates, Joshua Tree Realty or 29 Palms Realty, you get local, family-owned, full-service real estate offices. It’s our names on the door and that means a lot. Our associates have diverse backgrounds and specialties, but we’re all on the same team. Yours.

It gives us great satisfaction to hand people the keys to their new home at closing and see their faces light up. Now let’s help you find and settle into your new desert home and community. Call us today and tell us your dreams and expectations. And rest assured, when you’re ready to move, we’ll be right there to help with selling your home as well.

HOW IT WORKS (The home buying process)

Is this your first home? How exciting! We’ll assist you in making sure everything goes smoothly, from search to move in. Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how the process works.


We’ll talk to you about price, to understand how much you qualify for, what you want to pay monthly and we’ll help with the pre-approval process.


We’ll talk about house size and location. We’ll ask a lot of questions to help pinpoint the ideal house and location to fit your needs and lifestyle. For instance, do you have school-age children? Animals? If so, how many? This can be a determining factor. Where do you work? Are you retired? After we’ve determined all of these factors, we’ll filter them for areas and properties that fit your family needs and wants.


Once we’ve spent time with you to clearly identify your house needs and location, we are ready to hit the roads with you, usually showing 2 to 10 homes initially, until we find the right fit.


After you’ve picked the house you want, we will help you do the necessary paperwork and deliver your offer to the seller’s agent. Please note: You’ll usually be asked to write a check for a minimum of $500 or up to 3% of the house price. The check is to show you are a serious buyer and will be held as an earnest money deposit.


When the seller accepts your offer, escrow will be established, serving as a neutral third party for all of the documents. You must give the completed papers to your lender as soon as possible to avoid delaying the escrow. We’ll make sure every “t” is crossed, every “i” is dotted and all necessary papers are signed properly.


Your lender will prepare the loan documents and will check closely to make sure they reflect your agreed-upon terms before you sign your loan documents and your deed of trust is notarized. At this point you will provide the down payment, reflecting the difference from the deposit check, in the form of a cashier’s check or wire transfer. You’re almost there!


Once your deed has been recorded with the County Recorder’s office, the keys are yours. Welcome home!